If Piña could talk, I believe she would tell it best. Neither Michael nor I recall why we chose to embark on this journey. Maybe it was not up to us at all? A path we did not choose rather a hill we slid down. Landing on our asses to find a hand extended out by a stranger. A face we did not recognize, but would always remember.

Time will surely escape you. It is vital you make the best of it while you still can. To make things clear, we are not expert sailors. Although we have learned to trim our sails in the direction we are heading; sometimes the compass leans in different ways.

Albert Eistein said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Ah… imagination, something we all have in common, yet so little of us remember to pull if from our box of tools. To find yourself in solitude is done by many but to find yourself through another is rare.

The simple life we lead is not quite so simple. A camera captures moments of beauty but to be in the moment requires dedication, sweat, and tears. Thousands of miles have passed beneath our hull, no plans nor claims bind us. We are simply “living adrift.”

– Claire Insley Holmes


Claire beach combing. Bahia San Everisto Norte, Baja California Sur, Mexico. March, 2013.