The simple life we lead is not quite so simple.

A camera captures moments of beauty but to be in the moment requires dedication, sweat, and tears. Thousands of miles have passed beneath our hull, no plans nor claims bind us. We are simply “living adrift.”

– Claire Insley Holmes


4/9/12 – 4/11/12 heavily drank all night easter night after an extremely busy day cooking easter brunch. woke up at 7am before the hang over even kicked in. prepped and cleaned the boat and dock area (mostly just picking up beer cans and whatever else a drunk may leave lying around) made it to the […]

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new grill

3/27/12 screw that old kettle grill. im sick of hotdogs and ears of corn rolling off. i found this force10 beauty at Minney’s in Newport for only $35. it was black and gross. i gave it some lovin and now i have an awesome blazing hot grill.

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almost died

3/21/12so with those new AGMs in the cabin. i needed a new AGM for the outboard starter. you shouldnt run acid and AGM on the same system. i got another steal at west marine on a brand new deep cycle AGM for $160. long scary story short. i hooked up the 3rd battery. started the […]

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Knowledge is Power!

Electrical work scares me. Instant unknown death. When I bought this ship it had 3 deep cycle marine batteries, similar to the battery in your car. 2 to power the cabin and 1 to start the outboard motor. *sidenote: i’m sick of capitalizing words, please deal with my grammar. these 3 batteries were shot. they […]

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First Post!

First Post! Well, sense the boat was purchased well over a year ago and this blog was created today; there is definitely a great deal of information missing…oh well. I’ll update you on the past if need be. I’ll start off by posting a few of our accomplished upgrades from previous months. Thank you for […]

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