The simple life we lead is not quite so simple.

A camera captures moments of beauty but to be in the moment requires dedication, sweat, and tears. Thousands of miles have passed beneath our hull, no plans nor claims bind us. We are simply “living adrift.”

– Claire Insley Holmes


Taylor Outfall Canal

May 2-5, 2015 Taylor Outfall Bayou was our first taste of “freedom” again. A feeling of relief and excitement all at the same time. We had made it out of the comfort zone of a marina, leaving yet another life we had started behind. As Michael set the hook I re-introduced myself to our trusty […]

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Screen shot 2015-05-02 at 5.08.18 PM

Leaving Clear Lake, Texas

With our slip lease coming to an end, we cut dock lines and set sail across Galveston Bay.   Jumping off seems to be the hardest part of cruising for people to comprehend, a reason most never leave their marinas to travel.  Claire and I try to look at it more in a sense that […]

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La Sancha safely stored, while we sail towards her.

Storing La Sancha in Destin

April 26 – 28, 2015 A year has passed since we last moved our home.  The longest we have stayed stationary since we purchased Splendid Isolation in January of 2011.   Deciding together that this time was needed to continue our upgrades and plan our trip East, quickly we got to work. Although the boat requires […]

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Changing Websites

We sincerely apologize for neglecting our website over the past months.  We plan to update you all, on everything, soon.  A lot of hard work has been going on aboard Splendid Isolation.  Big changes have been made, and more to come. will be our new website location.  This current website will be archived […]

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Bienvenidos! For those of you who have been following the travels of Splendid Isolation over the past few years, thank you!  We are so glad you have found your way to our new website. It won’t be easy, but we will try to create what we envision through LivingAdrift.  Bear with us as we mold […]

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Starting off our Summer

Here is just a wide array of images captured over the past month or two.  We have had quite a lot going on since we’ve launched Splendid Isolation into the Gulf.  Claire and Colleen enjoying beverages down in Surfside, TX our newest crewmember! Comida China pronounced: coh-mee-duh  chee-nuh (Spanish for Chinese Food) surfside, tx marc […]

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Trip to 44Farms

David and I have been working on the menu for Eculent.  We plan to get all of our beef from 44Farms a few hours away in Cameron, TX.  They only breed the best of the best Black Angus.   We drove out and took a tour of their cattle ranch.  We were impressed to say […]

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Renovating the restaurant

So we closed the restaurant doors the first week of May.  Since then David (the owner), Camillo (the craftsman), and myself have been tearing apart the dining room.  Renovating the front pass, installing electrical outlets, building booths, hanging light fixtures, installing custom track lighting, installing flatscreen “framed photos”, covering the wall in greenery, installing scent […]

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Mother comes to visit

Don’t forget all words in blue are links.  Click them for additional information on a subject, further explanation, or a glimpse back into our ship’s log. June, 2014 My mother came to visit Claire and myself here in Texas.  She can get quite adventurous when it comes to her yearly visit.  Her last visit to […]

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Solar Vent

April 21, 2014 Well we’ve been quite busy here in Texas.  Definitely a big adjustment.  I’ve got a few posts backed up that i am about to load all in a row.  i thought i would start out with a basic one, what this website was created for in the first place.  An online ship’s […]

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