new life lines – new flag


i’ve been meaning to do this sense i first got the boat. starboard side had a rusty, but good quality life line. port side had a rope. pretty sketchy set up, but not that big of a deal for harbor sailing. well we’ve been lagging on big projects so i thought i should stay busy and get other things done. it’s time to upgrade the life lines.

brass clips. i got all the cable for like $18. it’s stainless steel covered with clear rubber. it’s 350 lb. test.

hard to see but there’s the new line running up to the bow.

here’s the cockpit line. with the new set up i made two sections, the deck of the boat up to the bow and the cock pit. so it unclips separately just for the cockpit, which is a nice feature. instead of having to sag the whole line down you can just “open the gate”.
i went to check the mailbox today and there was a surprise package inside. my mother must have noticed that my NC flag was a little weathered and sent me a new one! thanks mom!

5+ years old.

the new

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