Our Life in Cortez, Florida

As winter passed, real heat came back quick, and the busy season abruptly slowed down.


February and March 2016 we enjoyed visits from my mother and also Claire’s parents and siblings. This is exactly why we chose to trailer our home up from Mexico to Texas, and sail it to Florida.  Now being this far east we can be closer to our friends and family.

When the cold fronts come from the North, we get a pretty good wave.


Claire enjoying the emptying island and more time off work together.

Both Claire and I working in the restaurant industry, we need to follow the heavy season to keep a higher income.

The boat still disassembled and the heat of summer around the corner, we had decisions to face.


Claire scraping the growth off our Porta-Bote.

Still scoring fun surf well into Spring.

Enjoying local trips in the dinghy.

Longboat Pass

Growing roots in our Florida community, by May we knew this was a tough call to make.  We had to quit our jobs.

April 27, 2016 being our last shifts of work.  Our sailboat had to come out of the water and be stored on the hard.  No quick endeavor for full-time liveaboards.



Even though we live pretty simple, in a small space, our belongings must be slimmed down from time to time.

We needed a trailer to bring some goodies up to North Carolina.  Deciding to transition from one busy season right into another would keep our income flowing steady.

This way we avoid the super heat of Florida summer, clean up our finances, and reassess our goals with the sailboat.

A quick barter and we had a petite trailer.

Measurements and sketches got us the necessary supplies.

With the help of our great friend and dock-mate Harley, we managed to construct this titled and registered utility trailer!

Going through our belongings.  Notice Comida China?

Thankfully we were able to move the cats off the boat.  Tucking them safely on the porch of my cousin Paula’s place on Longboat helped simplify the move.


While the kitties were distracted by the peacocks, we kept focusing on the boat.  Our window of time not very big.  With new jobs lined up, we needed to hurry!


Motor well in the lazarette.  The main kicker off the stern still inoperable, we dropped our smaller outboard in here.

Arrangements made in Palmetto at Cut’s Edge Marina and Boatyard.  Not too far of a putt away, we left with the morning sun on May 2, 2016.


Our good friend Brian, who has a Cal29 nearby, came along as a helping hand.



There she stands in all her glory.

At a good stopping point for storage, letting a new chapter begin.


Added more bracing.

Old tshirts to protect the winches.


All wiring and batteries completely disconnected.  Parts and pieces stowed until our return.

Foil in the windows to reflect out some heat, canvas over the hatchways, and plenty of damp-rid containers below.

The trailer was packed and off we went to my Grandparents house, our first stop.


The Ship’s Cats ready for their next adventure.

All was well on the road and we arrived safely in North Carolina.


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  1. Debbie-Lyn Calvino May 13, 2017 at 6:31 pm #

    It always amazes me how much work and all the details that goes into “Living Adrift” !

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