Perdido Key, Florida

June 1, 2015

Well, our goal was to make it to the state of Florida by June.  With our rain jackets on we sailed right across that state line.  On the way we passed LuLu’s and saw a bald eagle.

We pulled into what is now named, A & M Perdido Resort, formally known as Perdido Cove RV Resort and Marina.  Just under new family ownership the week we arrived.  A great location, right before the Hwy 292 bridge.  An easy dinghy trip across the GICW to mainland for provisions.  Extremely friendly staff, with a welcoming family attitude.  Clear water beneath our hull, and a white sand beach off the bow.


Gafftopsail Catfish in the Perdido Cove Marina

We had left our Volvo, La Sancha, in a storage unit over in Destin.  I had driven that from Texas the month before.  That way we were motivated to make way at a steady pace, hoping to not have to pay for more than one month’s rent.  Well, we did it.

We hitched a ride up to the Greyhound station, I hopped a bus to Ft. Walton Beach, and then a cab to Destin.  Fired up La Sancha, and headed back to the marina.  Once again, our vehicle and our vessel were reunited.  This was new to us, now that we are cruising in America.  Before, on Baja, we did not have a vehicle and we were as free as could be.  It’s a toss up though, and sure nice to have a set of wheels at times.


Mexican Train Dominoes and a messy cockpit


At the beach on Perdido Key – sugar sand


Gulf Shrimp

Enjoying the beach and the local seafood for a few days.  Then it was time to clean up the boat, pack the Volvo, and head on up to North Carolina.  Claire’s little sister, Monica, was graduating highschool.  With a few important birthdays around the bend, and a chance to make some cash, heading up to our home-town was the right thing to do.


Packing La Sancha for the Outer Banks, NC

With the boat cleaned out and ready to be left behind, the Volvo packed tight, we headed out for New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  A quick visit with my Grandparents, and on we were the rest of the way to the Outer Banks, NC.



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