A trip within a trip. Ocracoke Island, North Carolina


Last week of June, 2015

Off to Ocracoke Island – the local’s vacation.

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La Sancha aboard the free car ferry to Ocracoke Island, NC

Claire’s family has a tradition.  When the northern Outer Banks gets so hot and crowded with tourists to the point you want to pop, take a drive down the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and hop the ferry to Ocracoke Island.

A modest sized island: about 16 miles long, 3 miles wide at the most, and 1/4 mile wide at the least. Around 1,000 locals live here year round.  Rich with history dating back to Native Americans, Sir Walter Raleigh, the location of Blackbeard’s death (along with his lost treasures), and a Confederate fort.  This island has mostly survived countless hurricanes and economy issues through the bountiful ocean and sound around it.  Local fisherman have worked hard on these waters, catching anything from big game fish to netting smaller sound dwelling fish, not to forget the blue crabs.

The island is known for it’s brogue type dialect, where “high tide” will be heard through the mouth of a true local as “hoi toid”.  Blessed with a beautiful and protected anchorage, Silver Lake is for sure at the top of our list aboard Splendid Isolation. But man do we have some mileage before that…


Claire and her fanny-pack, ready to walk the island.


The Ocracoke Lighthouse


A little history for you – notice Silver Lake on the map.


Looking out over the vast Pamlico Sound


Claire’s parents Laura and Rob Roy enjoying the prestine beach

We enjoyed a few nights at the Harborside Motel, the Holmes family has been going to this quaint and beachy motel for years, right on Silver Lake.  Be sure to bring at least one 4×4 vehicle, the sand is soft as you drive out to the best parts of the island.  Fishing, surfing, walking, or just relaxing is what Ocracoke island is all about.


waiting for the ferry


dangerous shoals have taken many ships down, yet protect the island from Atlantic swells.

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