bilge pump


so after that haul out ive been in project mode. good motivation. and finding that drip of the bilge from the keel made my next project the bilge pump. i bought this bad boy about a month ago on sale. RULE 750 Gallon Per Hour automatic pump.

i needed some help so i called up mikey brooks. he’s a regular at the restaurant i work at and a legal liveaboard down here. i wont do electrical work alone anymore. and im glad i got help because my circuit board is a birdsnest from hell. we got some stuff untangled, followed the wires for the bilge pump switch, and it led to the mast light??? why? who? how? i dont know. dont care. we clipped those things off. a new LED mast light is another project of mine anyway so that can sit bare for a little while. we re-routed all the wiring. soldered all the new wires together. hooked up the hosing. and dropped the pump into the deepest part of the bilge. it runs perfectly. no more back breaking, hand pumping, once a month. i brought the dock hose into the boat, blasted the bilge clean. and flushed it all out the pump. no more musty filth under our feet. its dry and fresh smelling. the only thing is that we need to take the pump back out to put fresh hose-clamps on it, and to add some more length to the wiring. its deep down there, but the wires are taut, i’d rather it have some slack and sit flush at the deepest depth.

when i woke up the next morning, all i could do was smile as i heard that bad-boy automatically kick on, flushing out melted ice from my ice-box. it feels great cranking out these projects. i learn a lot and my pace keeps getting faster.
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