New Tiller

So here’s the old tiller. The one i learned to sail on. Kind of hard to let it go but it’s split lengthwise, really loose, gives a lot of play, has splinters, and pretty much just falling apart.
I really like the black twine rap on the handle. i’m not sure if taylor did this or not. i might do something similar on the new tiller some day.
the new tiller is glossy and quite pretty. its about 2 inches longer than the old one too. it was the perfect fit.
connected the swivel attachment for the forespar. i moved it back a couple inches, more hand grip before it.
woo! i love it. but at the same time miss my original. it’s almost TOO nice. i spray painted the forespar with teal tractor rustoleum pant!
I enjoy projects like this. they’re quick, easy, and cheap. it’s nice to do this kind of stuff between bigger expensive projects like the bottom work that was just done, or upcoming gimbaling propane stove, solar set-up, anchor set-up. it keeps me busy and motivated on making the boat perform and look better. 
the other night claire and i spontaneously started re-doing our foreward hatch. sometimes if it rains hard enough it would drip. so we got new weather strips for it. went to put them on and realized it was just shitty chipped white fiberglass and paint. so we sanded it down and repainted it with leftover sunflower yellow paint just like the rest of the boat. we have plans for that project coming up.
got quite a few projects piling up right now. i’m ready to rush back to the boat everyday after work and crank these things out. spring has sprung and i have plenty of sunlight after work. just bought a new compass, bow rails, anchor needs to be set up (bow and stern), i’ve got LED mast and anchor lights on the way also.

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  1. Christina May 7, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

    Aww you should pinterest an idea for your old tiller. frame it! make a necklace out of it!

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