spit shine

well my mother and my cousin taylor came and stayed on the boat with claire and i a couple weeks ago. we did a lot of cleaning/organizing before, during, and after their stay!

a few days before they came i totally emptied both the quarter berths. scrubbed them out completely. my mom slept on the port side quarter berth which would be on your right in this photo.
taylor, my mother debbie-lyn, and of course myself enjoying a train/ferry trip to coronado

my mother insisted that the boat needed a wax job so she bought me a 3M fiberglass oxidation product that only needs to be applied once or twice a year.

taylor helped

notice the fresh wax on the left and the oxidation on your right.

they went for an exploration walk on the beach while i sat behind and built this…

my mom was all about helping find new things for the boat. here’s an awesome stainless steel vintage towel rod she picked up.

this is for you mother! that teak storage shelf just under the mirror is something new that we found at minney’s street sale. i had to rearrange the whole wall to fit it in but it worked out great. claire sat back and told me where to hold all the frames just to make sure everything was laid out perfectly. we decided to use the new teak shelf for our mail, pens, and notes.
while my mom and taylor were here we got a lot of cool baskets and storage containers for some of our food, clothing, and tools. plus we scored on dividers for all the drawers and they are super clean now. it’s important for everything on my boat to be in it’s proper place so that i can always find it when i need it. 

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