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A post on Surfing while Living Adrift.

The riding of waves, along with the surfing community, has such a close-knit history around the globe. Acknowledged for some of the more consistent surf breaks on the east coast, our relationship with the water started while growing up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Mix shifting sand bars and heavy current flows with variating […]

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Atlantic Hurricane Season – 2016

“summer turns me upside down summer summer summer it’s like a merry go round” -the cars Gales, Invests, Tropical Depressions, Tropical Storms, Hurricanes – beware! Currently the Atlantic Season lasts from June 1 to November 30, the dates have shifted through out time. Tracking and understanding hurricanes is a relatively new science considering our technology […]

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Summer Season 2016 – Outer Banks, NC

May 2016, the anticipation for summer on the banks was in full swing. The feeling of coming home to the strip of land you grew up on is quite unexplainable. Yes, change happens.  There are more rental homes, more stores, and more people.  However, you still see the same old faces day to day.   Lives […]

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Our Life in Cortez, Florida

As winter passed, real heat came back quick, and the busy season abruptly slowed down.   February and March 2016 we enjoyed visits from my mother and also Claire’s parents and siblings. This is exactly why we chose to trailer our home up from Mexico to Texas, and sail it to Florida.  Now being this […]

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Day Trip: Florida East Coast

With the winter and holidays of 2015 behind us, we were working through the busy snowbird season on Longboat Key. My father, Michael Sr. came to visit for a while in January. Our chocolate siamese Comida China took off for exactly one month.  Frail and withered, but thankful for her return.  We believe she was […]

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Emerald Antoinette Cison – November 19, 2015

Emerald Antoinette Cison, my niece, was welcomed into this world.  My sister Christina and brother-in-law Johnny honored myself to be her Godfather. While living aboard Splendid Isolation on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  I took off work December 4-7 and drove the drive northward for her baptism. Claire and myself made another fortunate return to […]

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California Wedding – October 23, 2015

October 14 – 24, 2015 Almost three years and thousands of miles later, Claire and I returned to our home port. With Splendid Isolation docked on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we flew back west to celebrate our great friends’ wedding! Early morning November 6, 2012 was when we last stepped foot in Dana Point Harbor. […]

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