Emerald Antoinette Cison – November 19, 2015

Emerald Antoinette Cison, my niece, was welcomed into this world.  My sister Christina and brother-in-law Johnny honored myself to be her Godfather.

While living aboard Splendid Isolation on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  I took off work December 4-7 and drove the drive northward for her baptism.

Claire and myself made another fortunate return to Kitty Hawk, December 23-27 to be with our families.

Baby Emerald

Uncle and Godfather

Coldwater Carolina Crabslough Oyster.

Note the small soft pea crab, a symbiotic relationship in nature.  Also a sweet treat along with these delicately clean oysters, a balanced brine.

Auntie Claire


After many great family get togethers and meals, we had quite the send off.



Can’t beat some holiday surf with all the friends!

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